John Grant’s Beautiful Creatures podcast is out now!

John Grant, American singer, songwriter and musician, invites you to meet Earth’s premier citizens.

Paul Rudd, the Hollywood superstar and newly crowned “Sexiest Man Alive”, is the first guest on John Grant’s Beautiful Creatures. Join them as they delve in to 70s horror movies, British foods and kindness.

Kristin Hersh is John Grant’s second beautiful creature. Lead singer of Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE. John regards Kristin as a musician of integrity, a ‘musician’s musician’. You'll have to tune in to find out why!

Linda Thompson is John Grant’s third beautiful creature. Stopping mid-tour in Britain, John met up with the iconic British-folk-rocker to reminisce about music and songwriting over cake and the best kind of sandwiches. (Cheese and onion if you’re wondering).

To listen in on these enlightening and engaging conversations, just click on one of the links below to your favourite channels below. 

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